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The Best Places to Play Zombie Slot Games

Zombie games are fun for players of all skill levels and ages. The popularity is at an all-time high in New Zealand and many other countries worldwide, with a massive following of loyal players. Zombies are famous for two reasons: they are both terrifying and appealing to zombie fanatics. In recent years, they have become iconic symbols of horror, fantasy, and sci-fi genres. There is also a market for people with a morbid fascination with the undead – zombie culture has taken over the media, and fans have gone so far as to dedicate their life to it through cosplay, gaming competitions, conventions, and even partnerships with businesses such as Zippo lighters.
Now that the zombie craze is in full swing, there are many places to play games online, at home, and in person. Players can expect to play several types of zombie-themed games, from video slots to table games and even role-playing video game competitions – there’s a lot of variety, so players will never get bored. Some sites offer the best graphics for their players, as well as better odds, features, and bonuses. Of course, this is all based on how much a player is willing to pay for their membership.

The 5 Best Places to Play Zombie Slot Games

1. Incredible Vegas Zombies
The main bonus feature of the Incredible Vegas Zombies website is that the player can take part in a zombie-themed competition. They have different levels to compete at, and players can sign up for regular tournaments throughout the week. The best way to play this site is if it’s a bit slow (i.e., during a workday) as they have many options, including all of the popular zombie video slots and table games such as roulette; baccarat, and more! Amazing graphics, great lobby screens, and helpful customer support make this site one of the best places to play zombie slot games! They also have a great mobile application for players on the go.

2. Jackpot Slots Zombies
The first thing that stands out about this website is the fact that they have a big fancy logo. The graphics on the website are exceptionally well done and include videos intended to catch players’ attention and build an emotional connection with them to keep them playing. One main game stands out because of its simplicity: Wheel of the Dead. It has a giant screen, and the spins take about 15 seconds, making it fun and interactive for most players. They have a great variety of slot games that have been created specifically for zombies and other monsters, and there are also a few table games for the more patient players. Jackpot Slots Zombies is one of the best places to play zombie slot games and has an excellent customer support team. They also have a great mobile app, which is available for download.

postpage image Top Reasons to Cancel Playing Other Casino Games and Play Zombie Outbreak Slot Less hassle - The Best Places to Play Zombie Slot Games

3. Spin and Win Zombies
The first thing that stands out about this website is that many games exist. They have a vast variety of slot games, table games, bonus features, and all of the popular video slots. The unique game on this site is the Zombies vs. Werewolves contest. It requires players to align a werewolf or zombie symbol on any available pay line for a particular game to win a prize. With over 1,000 different zombie and werewolf combinations, players can be guaranteed that they will be winning something!
They also have a vast variety of table and video poker games, as well as a great variety of slot machines and emulators. They have an online casino available to players who are 21 years old and older players. Spin and Win Zombies has excellent customer support, but there are not as many live chat options for players to interact with each other. Also, if you try to call the customer service line at any time, a long hold music loop will keep playing until someone picks up.

4. The Panda Bears Live Casino Zombies
The Panda Bears Live Casino Zombies is a website that stands out from the rest because it has the best graphics and the most detail of any other similar website. It also offers players several unique game types, including a zombie table game that requires players to put their bets down before looking at the zombie cards. It adds an element of surprise to the game and more excitement for players. It can be tough to wait through all of your opponents’ turns before you go again, but when you finally get a chance to choose your card, it’s totally worth it!
Players can also enjoy video poker, roulette, and even baccarat. The Panda Bears Live Casino Zombies has excellent customer support, but it is not a site where players can sign up to play for free. Some games can be played free, but they also have a great mobile app.

5. Zombie Game Zone
The Zombie Game Zone website has the best bonus features and bonuses, but the unique game is their Zombie Bash. Players play against another player in a zombie-themed game of poker. When a player loses, they have to flush all their cards in the hopes that they die so they can come back as a zombie in one of their next turns! This game requires players to think quickly and be ready for anything, so it keeps things interesting. Players can also enjoy video poker games and other table games, including baccarat and blackjack. They offer excellent customer support and do not require registration for free play.

The best zombie game sites allow players to get into the action and play the way they always wanted. Some games, like Zombie Assault at Incredible Vegas, are more fun because of their ability to let you fight other players in real-time. When you can go against real people and beat them, it makes the experience much more enjoyable. Other games, like Jackpot Slots Zombies, are so simple that they almost become boring if you play them enough times.

The best online casino tips

4 Tips to win big at Casinos

The casino industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world, so what makes some people win big and others lose everything? There are a variety of factors that can affect the outcome of a session, but even if you’re not a complete expert on roulette or blackjack, there’s no reason why you should be leaving empty-handed. Here we’ll look at four different tips on how you can win big playing online casino games.

1. Learn the basics of the game to avoid costly mistakes

If you’re not sure how to play the game, or you’re new to the game, it’s important to learn the basics. When you first start out, you don’t want to be making costly mistakes that will be hard to recover from. An effective way to avoid these mistakes is to learn the basics of the game first. Blackjack is a classic casino game, and it moves a lot faster than it looks on the table. Players place bets on events (called “jackpots”) while maintaining a separate bank account in real-time, along with their card count and limited betting contributions. The best players know how to play the game quickly and efficiently to minimize their losses in a session. However, if you’re feeling impatient and need a slower game, there are slowly increasing times to place bets on specific events instead of fighting for jackpots.

The best players buy chips after each hand instead of risking it all in one sitting. These smaller buy-in amounts mean that you earn more per roll of the casino’s dice than if you go all-in-one time. Additionally, smaller buy-ins mean that you only have to outlay a lower percentage of your total bet — often ranging anywhere from 4–20% depending solely on the house edge (the difference between the house’s total profit and total losses). A slower game might be a better option for you if you have larger holdings. However, if you intend to play a slow game all the time (which you should), it might be best to support a slow player. That way, they don’t have to lose as much money.

2. Avoid playing at casinos that aren’t licensed

When you’re looking to play at a casino, make sure it’s licensed. Gambling is fun and exciting, but not if you’re playing at a casino that doesn’t have a license then you could be at a higher risk of getting scammed as the casino will not be regulated. Check out our list of the best online casinos in NZ 2022 for a list of recommended casinos that all have good licenses behind them.

Additionally, if you’re the only player in a room and decide to play for real money, you are in fact reducing the chances of winning. So, if you are a beginner (or even if you are an expert) when it comes to options on flipping video poker tables, or when a black-hat casino offers you a solution that gives you just enough money to lose big, don’t play there. Think of casinos as restaurants where there are a few options, but if the food is horrible, they won’t even stick around to cook you a nice dinner. By playing on a white-hat, or black-hat, casino you are removing your control, and are giving the casino an opportunity to make you lose money. So, for the time being, don’t flock to Vegas with hopes of making a profit in a short spell. Pay attention and you’ll have the chance to keep a few coins before losing everything you’ve worked for.

When You’re Playing with Money You aren’t going to win the money back, and you are not going to be able to get it back from the casino. When you’re playing with money (in a game that doesn’t cost you money), you are participating in a sporting event, and if you lose, you should have an opportunity to recover your losses.

3. Know how much you should bet to maximize your wins

Not everyone will win every time they play the slots, but as with any game with numbers on the line, knowing how to play the odds correctly can make a significant difference.

The numbers in casinos are based on probabilities. Small numbers, or imaginary numbers, aren’t represented. In fact, your actual odds of winning a given slot machine might be well below 50 percent. If you know your odds (or have a knowledgeable mentor with similar experience), you might want to take a slow approach. If you lose, review your strategy.

It’s important to reveal your bias. If you have certain experiences or knowledge from having frequented the casino, you can qualify your opinion. If you do know the rules but have a bad feeling about them, test them.

Gambling guide - 4 Tips to win big at Casinos

4. Don’t gamble when you’re feeling down or depressed

If you’re feeling down or depressed, don’t gamble at all. This is because your emotions are heightened at this time, and you’re more likely to be impulsive. If you’re feeling this way, take some time to yourself, see a therapist, or talk to someone who can help you. When someone gets a bad reputation or a loss, people are often hesitant to get back into that environment. Think back to your own teenage years, and if you’re feeling particularly self-conscious or embarrassed about something, chances are you just avoided that situation by turning to friends or the Internet. That’s exactly what we’re talking about here. People are afraid of losing money and reputation, but what’s more embarrassing than not knowing your numbers? So, let’s look at some of the most common situations to avoid.

1. Know your limit – It’s all too easy to say yes to everything and then not be able to deliver because you’re too busy. When in doubt, escalate to someone who is more experienced.

2. Don’t play if you’re tired – you’re more likely to lose if you’re tired or distracted. When you are not sober it may cause you to make poor choices

3. Going All in While Blind – It is important to make sure you have a strategy and stick to it. If you go in without one your odds of winning will be far less.

To win in a casino you had better prepare for online games like blackjack and poker, so you know how they work. Establish a budget for yourself before attending the casinos because it saves you time to lose more. Remember to leave if you’re lucky enough to win a lot as the casino may attempt to persuade you to stay to win its currency back. Take along an alarming watch if time has changed the longer you remain inside the casino the bigger your chances of losing. So, make sure you stick to your game, and you will win big at the casinos.

best online casinos nz 2022 - Best Online Casinos in NZ 2022

Best Online Casinos in NZ 2022

Our top 5 Online Casinos in New Zealand for 2022

We previously covered the best online casinos in New Zealand back in 2020 and felt that it was time to revisit the list and see which casinos managed to maintain their standards and whether or not any new casinos have managed to break into our top casinos for 2022.

The team here at Zombie-Cow would like to thank Mr. Andrew Stone for his assistance when researching the top casinos in New Zealand with his website BestNewZealandCasinos.com providing the vast majority of information needed to write this article. We would also like to give credit to Stuff.co.nz  and Nzherald.co.nz as other useful sources of information.

Without further commentary, lets get into out list of the top casinos for Kiwi’s in 2022.

5. Casigo Casino

5th - Best Online Casinos in NZ 2022CasiGo’s new customer welcome bonus gives up to $1,100 in free casino credits and 375 free spins to New Zealand residents. The 375 free spins may be used on Book of Dead and are credited automatically after you accept the casino bonus. Casigo will provide you a fantastic welcome bonus if you deposit at least $10.

CasiGo allows customers to choose from over 1500 different games, including a diverse variety of pokies, table games, video poker, as well as a modern Live Dealer casino. Play on your computer, tablet, or mobile device and take advantage of ongoing bonuses and tournaments. Make the most of your Welcome Bonus by playing for longer and winning more. It’s not too late to register, so don’t put it off any longer!

casigo casino 2022 1 - Best Online Casinos in NZ 2022

official website: https://casigo.com/

4. SkyCity Casino (Online Version)

4th - Best Online Casinos in NZ 2022The online casino first opened its doors in August 2019 with a fantastic signup bonus of 100% up to NZ$100 + 10 Free Spins every day for the first seven days.  This is an incredible deal to get you started at what is unquestionably one of New Zealand’s best online casinos in 2022.

The SkyCity Online casino is a joint venture between SkyCity Entertainment and Gaming Innovation Group (GIG). Fans of the SkyCity casino group will be pleased to learn that the online casino is now licensed in Malta allowing Kiwi’s to play at SkyCity both online and on land.

SkyCity is a little stricter than many other online casinos as it has a reputation to protect and has already fallen fowl of local regulators due to some of the marketing efforts. The online casino is offers a full catalog of games due to it’s collaboration with GIG although their bonuses are not as good as some other online casinos in New Zealand. This is something we hope to see change in 2022.

skycity online casino 2022 - Best Online Casinos in NZ 2022

official website: https://www.skycitycasino.com/ (If you want to receive and additional 20 Free Spins, go to BestNewZealandCasinos.com and follow the links from there)

3. Vegas Lounge Casino

3rd - Best Online Casinos in NZ 2022Vegas Lounge Casino, which will open in September 2021, is expected to become New Zealand’s hottest new casino in 2022. This casino is an excellent example of online gambling innovation. So, if you’re ready to learn about all of the amazing features that Vegas Lounge Casino has to offer, sit back, relax, and read on.

Vegas Lounge is a Cashback casino offering players 50% back of all their losses. This is capped at $500 but the really great thing about this offer is that the $500 has no wagering requirements attached and can be withdrawn instantly. You won’t find another casino in New Zealand with more favourable terms than that.

The modern Kiwi gambler has access to some of the world’s largest and most popular pokie machines, progressive jackpots, table and card casino games, and high-tech online casinos. As a result, if a new casino wants to impress the New Zealand market, it must provide.

vegas lounge casino 2022 - Best Online Casinos in NZ 2022

official website: https://vegasloungecasino.com

2. Jackpot City Casino

2nd - Best Online Casinos in NZ 2022Jackpot City Casino is an online casino site that distinguishes out itself from the pack, with its purple backdrop, vivid cityscape, and neon lights lighting up the skyline. Since 1998, this global gaming hotspot has been converting fun-seekers into loyal players and continues to set industry standards. It caters to every player need and then some, from its world-class range of games and exhilarating player prizes to its quadruple sign-up offer and daily incentives.

When new Jackpot City customers sign up for the online and mobile casino, they are in for a treat, or rather four goodies. As a thank you, you’ll earn four 100% match bonuses worth up to $400 each, which will be applied to your first four deposits. That’s a whopping $1600 in bonus credits, all of which is completely free.

Jackpot City has stood the test of time in New Zealand and continues to hold its own in 2022. It may have lost top spot for the time being but it is still an exceptional online casino for new and experienced players.

jackpot city casino 2022 - Best Online Casinos in NZ 2022

official website: https://jackpotcitycasino.com

1. Captain Spins Casino

1st - Best Online Casinos in NZ 2022Captain Spins launched in 2019 and quickly became a hit among online casino players. It took another three years for this casino to penetrate the mainstream New Zealand casino market, but 2022 appears to be the year it will outperform the competition.

One of the things that sets Captain Spins apart from the competition is their incredible bonuses and power-ups, which provide consumers with more bonuses and free spins than any of its competitors. They make certain that their players have everything they need to win big. This is the type of casino where players may get lost in the atmosphere and play all of their favorite slots. Slots are a lot of fun, and they’ve figured out how to do them well.

Captain Spins offers all new customers a fantastic welcome bonus that is spread across the first 4 deposits at the casino. The bonus is worth a total of $1200 in free casino credits and comes witha n additional 260 free spins on Book of Dead (an obvious favorite here at Zombie Cow).

captain spins casino 2022 - Best Online Casinos in NZ 2022

official website: https://www.captainspins.com/


We hope you enjoyed out list of the best 5 online casinos in New Zealand for 2022. Feel free to email us if you disagree with our selection. Until next time, remember that winners know when to quit and when it stops being fun, it is time to stop.

Casino chips nz 840x525 - The Best Casinos in New Zealand: A Guide to Gambling

The Best Casinos in New Zealand: A Guide to Gambling

1. A guide to gambling in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand

If you’re looking to gamble in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, here’s a short guide to gambling in the city. It all started with the 1851 completion of the Rainbow Express, which took 1,181 passengers and ran for three days straight through the middle of the night. The famous Christmas Day gift to New Zealand was so successful that it inspired a game of Bridge.

Chester A. Arthur was the first professional slot machine player. The first known American to be recognized as a professional slot-high-reward player, A. Arthur was an American immigrant who sought to prove he belonged among the greats of the British eastern rail industry.

In 1867, the Underground opened. The site began as a Coppermine, and the original slot machine on site was considered one of the best in the world. Chester, you see, was the originator of the very first American slot machine.

Historically, the east coast of North America was largely farmland and a place for cattle rustlers to keep their hides warm during the winter. As people began flocking to the east coast, slot machines were installed along the way — and one was installed right beneath the proud, old, but beautiful Rainbow Express.

These days, the fun and games begin at 3:00 p.m. The portable slots are operated by automated banking machines that dispense Revere coins. The coin has math printed on it that ranges back and forth from about $5 to $1.

Online casino tips - The Best Casinos in New Zealand: A Guide to Gambling

2. Choosing the best casino for you

The internet is a great place for people who like to play casino games like slot machines and blackjack. Online casinos offer a lot of convenience for players, and they also offer a lot of different options when it comes to the games you’ll be playing. People play a wide variety of games, some of which are classics like slot machines and blackjack, but they also play pool, poker, and even virtual games all online.

One of the most popular games in New Zealand is Checkers. It’s also a classic family game that is played across cultures around the world. The rules are simple, and the game is usually fought with a wooden chip that contains a great number of points. Players then exchange that king for another piece of the same type of chip by biting off the end of a piece of the handed chip.

If you’re looking for an online casino in New Zealand, SkyCity is not your only option. Zombie Cow has selected the top 5 casinos for 2022 that are all available to players from New Zealand. This site has everything you need to know about casino games in New Zealand, including all the information you need to find the online casino that’s right for you. Another option to get started playing online casinos in New Zealand is to sign up for a Google Analytics account so you can see how reliable the casino is. You’ll want to see where the money comes from, this will be vital if you want to maximize your returns.

3. The best gambling games online

Knowing which games do have the best luck will assist you to choose which give you a better value for what you are buying. Games with the highest casino odds usually payout the most if you succeed at getting the result right. But games on both ends of the odds range are worth your while. It boils down to weighing the risk chance and probability of the games you want to play so determine the best strategy to win.

Slots are the most popular casino game and have great odds. It’s important to choose games with greater chances of victory to reduce the house edge. Games with lesser payout odds tend to payout less sometimes, but when you win the wins are likely larger. With a house edge of 4-8% 4-6%. Slots with higher chances of winning more often result in more wins but these could be relatively small. House Edges from 48% to 8% to reduce house advantage in slots that have better chances of winning more often than in other games.

Most sports allow you a high bonus only if I wager the most to win them all. Higher denomination slots are also riskier than lower denomination slots. If you’re playing slot machine only with small bets do not change that. You should not be expecting unexpected wins. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose and never underestimate the dangers of gambling addiction. When you feel things are out of your control you should seek expert assistance. Always bring that in mind particularly if you love to play slots with progressive jackpots. Jackpot Slots can be expensive and can cause many people to lose more money than they already know.

Progressive jackpot slot machines make huge money. Popular games are the Mega Moolah series, Hall of Gods and Loot’enkhamun. Progressive jackpots could not be as bad as progressive jackpots. It is important to remember that if you want to walk away with a big win it is not the best choice for you.

slotmachine1 840x525 - Best NZ Online Casinos 2020

Best NZ Online Casinos 2020

The Top Four Online Casinos In New Zealand and What Makes Them So Special

Notice: We have an updated list of the Best Online Casinos in NZ for 2022

One of the great things about New Zealand is that the residents can use outside sources for their online pleasure. Not many online casino brands allow that to happen. That means there is no shortage of games to play. Below we have listed the top four New Zealand online casinos in 2020.

The Top Four Online Casinos In New Zealand and A Short Review of Each One

1) Jackpot City Casino

New Zealanders will have the chance to get a $1600 bonus when they sign up. Consider the $1600(give or take) a welcome bonus. Payment methods include everything from bank and wire transfers, Mastercard and Visa, and Paypal. Players have the chance to play under more than 500 casinos. Players will also have the chance to choose from multiple lists of live dealer games and mobile gaming apps. The online casino also has an assortment of lottery-styled games. A lot of players like to try their luck with the lottery. I tried it once or twice(did not win much). New Zealand players can use their mobile app to join in the fun. This online casino brand supports mobile platforms like Android, the iPhone, and Windows PC. Some of the games offered through the online casino are Live Bacarrat and Blackjack. There is also Live Dealer Roulette, Live Dealer Poker, and Casino War( and that is just the beginning).

2) Spin Casino

Spin Casin has a little bit of everything in their brand. That makes sense since not all players like the same thing. Spin has everything from table games and video poker( that is a fan favourite for many players). Players can also enjoy live dealer games. Point of interest: The live dealer games come with everything you could hope to find, including Evolution and Ezugi. Many players might not realize this, but Evolution and Ezugi are heavy-hitters in the world of live gaming. The great thing about Spin Casino is you do not have to download the software. Players can open an account and start using the IP address in their browser history. Payment methods include everything from Skrill and Visa and Mastercard, to Paypal and bank transfers. Some of the games offered through the online casino are Flip Card, High-Speed Poker, Cyber Stud. and Vegas Downtown Blackjack. You can also enjoy things like 3-Card Poker, Card Climber, and Double Exposure Blackjack.

postpage image How to Play Horror Slot Machine Games %E2%80%93 A Useful Guide Know exactly what you are looking for - Best NZ Online Casinos 2020

3) 888Casino

Some players might know the casino brand through the selection in New Jersey. However, this one is regulated specifically to the New Zealand crowd. Players can expect to find games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Classis Slots varieties. Players can also video slots and poker. Video Poker is one of the favourites for gamers. That is why players are going to find this selection included in most casinos( New Zealand and other places in the world). 888 also has an endless supply of 3D animated video games. This option is great for players who prefer the non-deposit options. The brand has different types of payment methods including Paypal, Visa and Mastercard, Cash At Cage, and ACH Payments. Players who not aware of how ACH Payment works should do some research(especially if you choose to use it). Players can use this platform on their Android mobile app. They can also visit the Apple app store to download other options if they prefer.

4) The Royal Vegas Casino

The first thing to mention is some of the games. Players can expect some of the returning favourites (as you find with other online platforms). Players can find things like Bacarrat, Blackjack, and Roulette. Some players like table games. Some of the options include Vegas Downtown Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack, Bacarrat Gold, French Roulette, and European Roulette. That last one is not found everywhere. There are only specific brands that carry European Roulette and The Royal Vegas Casino is one of those brands. Some of the withdrawal methods include Checkque, bank wire transfer, Switch, Ukash, and Diners Club International Skrill. Some of the deposit methods include Bank wire transfer, Click and Buy, the Paysafe Card, Switch, Solo, and Diners Club International Skrill. Now, to be clear, these methods are just a beginning. There are plenty more players can choose from. Players should visit the site to find out more. You can also Google another review of the site. Most reviews will have a full list of how players can withdraw and deposit their money.