Horror slots 840x525 - Four More of The Best Horror Themed Slot Games

Four More of The Best Horror Themed Slot Games

Do you like to have that extra little thrill of having a good scare whenever you sit down to do a little gaming in a virtual casino? Well, if so, you may have already found a few games you consider being your favourite, but there are so many out there that you may have yet to find the most exciting game of all. Any of the games that have made our list here of the four very best horror-themed slot games could give you that spine chilling feeling as you spin away on the reels of these expertly crafted games. We hope you get a chance to try all four, and that you find your newest favourite game amongst those on our list. So, without further ado, here are the four absolute best games in scary horror-themed slots:

Lost Vegas

This bone-chilling game sets you up in the middle of the Vegas strip that has been taken over by a hoard of bloodthirsty zombies. It provides you from the get-go with the choice of playing with reels full of either regular human characters or with ragged bloodthirsty zombie ones. Of course, we all know exactly which option we all choose when faced with this simple decision. So, as you spin away on reels full of grotesque zombies, it presents you with plenty of opportunities to win some money as a bonus to the sheer thrill of playing this ultra-exciting slot offering from the fresh-faced powerhouse Microgaming.

There are different bonuses based on whether you choose to play as a survivor or as a hungry for brains zombie, with the infected players’ bonus possibly being the more lucrative of the two. You trigger the free spins bonus round by either landing three scatter symbols in one of the 243 pay-lines of the cascading symbols, or by having one scatter symbol on the board when the randomly occurring zombie fistful of cash appears. The fistful of money can happen after any losing spin where you didn’t hit any winning paying lines. You never know when that mangled hand will reach up from the bottom of your screen and offer you an extra cash prize even though you didn’t land on any winning lines. But let’s get back to the free spin bonus. The zombie characters landing on screen in every spin infect the reel they land on and spread the virus, which wipes out the low paying symbols and replaces them with more lucrative possibilities, awarding you generous prize money in the process.

Playing on Lost Vegas you can win as much as 2,155 times your bet amount, which itself can be as high as 45 coins. As you can see, this game has some serious winning potential. Put this together with the creative design elements that will have you experiencing a rise in blood pressure and you have a top-notch home run of a game being hit by the game’s creators.

Blood Lore – Vampire Clan

Another blood-curdling horror themed slot is this gothic vampire-based game from big-time game designer Netent. In this game, you are stuck in a dark musty mansion with some unsavoury characters who are out to suck the blood from your body. The chilling soundtrack itself is enough to send a cold shudder down your spine. The game’s setting is just the beginning of the dark ambience that creates such a great horror-themed gaming option for us lovers of the genre.

In this wonderfully dark 5-reel 3-row slot game, you have many ways to win a pretty penny. This is just icing on the cake for thrill-seeking players of all kinds. The bonuses begin with the red-headed beautifully seductive vampire queen herself. Her lips dripping with blood, she serves as the game’s wild symbol and can replace any symbol in the field after a spin to create winning lines. Also, when you get paid for your winning lines that include the blood-sucking firecracker of a woman, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that your prizes have been automatically doubled just because of her mere ominous presence.

Next up in the way of bonuses is the free spin round. This hot win creating an offer is triggered by the wolf howling in front of a full moon which is the scatter symbol of this game. Landing on either three, four, or five of these symbols in any winning line will trigger a round of 12, 16, or 20 free spins, respectively. Your free spin winnings will pile up as the creepy sound effects and characters roll by, spin after spin, and all of your winning combinations are tripled for payouts. Landing on a winning line with the vampire queen during this bonus round will compound the bonus winnings to give you six times the regular payouts for any of the 243 ways of potential winning lines.

This game will have you on the edge of your seat as you win or lose by the luck of the draw, but also because of the dark ambience, the game creates that touches your soul in such a way that all horror-themed game lovers will be thrilled to experience. Plus, there is an extra “gamble” feature, but we will let you discover this little gem on your own because there has to be some mystery that will just keep the game surprising you with all of its wonderful additions.

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Circus of Horror

Another uber-creepy horror-themed slot game is this wonderful little gem, which is another game from the creators at Netent. This time the creep factor comes from a variety of dark characters that range from mummies and chainsaw-wielding psychopaths to vampires and wild vicious beasts that look like they come straight from hell to hunt you down in the setting of an old abandoned circus that suddenly springs to life in the dark of night. There are even evil necro nurses prancing around the fairgrounds, and then there are the creepy killer clowns who are by themselves more than enough to make your very soul tingle with overwhelming fear.

These fearsome characters are the high paying winning symbols and also the symbols that trigger the many bonus features embedded within the grim circus setting of the game that are your genuine chances to hit some big wins. The clown, for example, who laughs alone will have you looking over your shoulder as he instils a bit of paranoia in you during gameplay, is the wild symbol. He can replace any other symbol to create a winning line in the classic video slot set up of 5-reels with 3-rows that makes up the field of play. Except he can not take the place of Devora, the purple-haired snake lady, who is the games scatter symbol or the vampire Nosferatu, who is the bonus game triggering symbol.

The many bonuses offered in this game just put a sweet topping to the already enjoyable gameplay and start with the free spins bonus. Landing on three, four, or five Devora symbols in any winning line triggers a round of eight, 12, or 16 free spins with a multiplier that triples all winning earned during them. Keep in mind, that landing on more Devora symbols can re-trigger the bonus round and just keep adding to your free spin count, so there is a possibility of winning some excellent amounts with long-lasting free spin bonuses possibly continuing on and on.

During the free spins, you have the possibility of seeing bloody knives get thrown at the clown wild symbol and making him become a stuck wild for the remainder of your free spin round. Also, you have the possibility of seeing the third reel begin to bleed and ooze, in which case the whole reel becomes wild and helps create a lot of winning combinations for the rest of your free spin bonus round. All of these can combine to make the free spin bonus round a money-making gem for those lucky enough to hit many of the various bonus options during the game. This is because they can all combine to make it possible to win some suitable amounts of cash that, again, will also double at the end of the round.

Then, there is the Electric Chair bonus game embedded within this dark carnival. This is triggered by landing Nosferatu in reels two, three, and four for a winning line. When this happens, the game whisks you away to a dark funhouse with the vampire strapped into an electric chair. You then get to decide which of nine distinct body parts you will electrocute first to torture this evil character. The game continues until you either go to flip the electrocution switch and nothing happens or you make it through all the body part electrocutions. In the end, all of your winnings are doubled as just another great bonus that keeps the game extra interesting.

A final bonus offering is another “gamble” feature that we will again leave it up to you to discover on your own. You will be happy to find out about this little addition that can add some multipliers to your winnings. All in all, the Circus of Horror game will have you thrilled and chilled to the bone with its gruesome and amazing graphics plus the chilling sound effects and music will have you getting your fill of creep factor.

Full Moon Fortune

Our final horror themed slot game is set in the 1800s England and starts on a dark and foggy night along a backcountry road. Your character, Dr Blackwood, is attacked by a fearsome creature of the night. Luckily, you survive the attack, but it has lasting effects. Now, whenever the full moon rises by appearing in the fifth of the 5-reels, you turn into a werewolf and every Dr Blackwood symbol in the entire field becomes a multiplier wild, substituting for any symbol except the scatter symbol and creating many winning possibilities for your bankroll to grow by offering up to five times multiplier for every winning combination created.

This high variance game from indie game producer Ash Gaming offers you the chance to win it big, with a top jackpot of $125,000! That is an incredible amount of money to win on a virtual slot game, and you have to be very lucky to land everything just right to win it. Winning this jackpot starts with you landing on at least three of the tombstone scatter features. This triggers the free spins bonus and three tombstones get you one free spin with a one-time multiplier, but four tombstones get you two spins with a two times multiplier.

Finally, if you happen to land on five tombstones in a paying line will trigger three free spins with a triple multiplier bonus, but that is not all. Landing on five tombstones will also trigger a bonus round, where you find yourself in the graveyard that is dark, gloomy, and very creepy. But while you are there, you can begin to pick from the tombstones, and they can turn into more free spins and more multipliers with a possibility of racking up 20 free spins at a 25 times multiplier. The tombstone picks just keep adding until you land on a collect symbol and the round ends, or you clear all the tombstones that were winners from the graveyard. Then your free spins with the multipliers begin and you can win it hugely if you hit all the paying lines with the best combinations you can max out your winnings with that stunning $125k jackpot amount, if you had bet the max amount on the spin that triggered the round, to begin with, along with all 20 payout lines.

The game is grand for high rollers who are looking to score that maximum jackpot win that is a small fortune, or us more regular joes who cannot afford the 50 cent bet for each of the 20 lines that equates to ten dollars per spin. Instead, it offers a bare minimum bet of just one penny and you can bet on any amount of lines between one and all 20. So, the game offers a chance for penny players to enjoy a game with a magnificent story, some killer graphics in transitions and bonuses, and also some dark creepy sound effects and music. This makes for a very great horror-themed game that was made for everyone to enjoy playing, no matter their gaming budget.

The best four horror-themed games available

All of these four wonderfully dark and demented games are wonderful options for all of us horror-themed game lovers to spend our gaming time playing. They each have their unique features that offer some great options for those of us who are thrill-seeking gamers looking to cross their love of horror with their love of gambling. Mixing the two together was a marvellous idea for the entertainment industry and has created an amazing niche game market that is growing and gaining in popularity with each new game offering to hit the market. All game designers are getting in on the expansion too, everyone from the major players to the little indie guys are creating fresh horror-themed games and getting more and more creative with their offerings. We for one cannot wait to see what they come up with next and will keep our eyes out for the next significant game release. Once we see it, we will let you know and turn you on to all the best of this game market in the future.