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The Best Horror Themed Slot Games

The horror genre is widely popular within a cross-section of people, featuring a wide array of frightening monsters. From werewolves to ghosts, and from Dracula to zombies, things that “go bump in the night” arouse excitement and have been prominent for decades. Perhaps the most celebrated creatures that haunt our imagination are zombies, and horror slot gamers can’t seem to get enough of them.

Since the ancient Greeks, zombie folklore has been on the cusp between the human imagination and the recess of our fears. Cultures spanning from Haiti to West Africa, and from Norway to Peru have their mythologies around “the living dead”. These stories have transcended into popular culture spanning books, movies, and even slot games.

Like zombies, slot gaming has exploded in popularity. Due to its convenience, expansive game choices, free play, bonuses, rewards, and higher payouts, it is no wonder that games have capitalized on the popular theme of the walking dead. As a result, there are multiple options for those who love slot gaming and horror, and who seek an experience where the two come together.

This article will outline some of the best horror-themed slot games with a particular focus on zombie subject matter.


Receiving an impressive four and a half stars by VegasSlotsOnline, Zombieezee by Rival Gaming combines cash payouts and multiple types of unnerving zombies. Gaming is brought to life from beyond the grave with zombies that include a baby zombie wearing a diaper, a little girl zombie in pigtails, a menacing zombie in a purple shirt, a zombie wearing a nurse’s uniform, and a zombie writhing in pain with a protuberant head (the most grotesque zombie of them all).

The human zombie killers include a man with a chainsaw, a woman waving a zombie-killing club, and a man holding a ghostbusting style gun. The background depicts a cell constructed of stone walls, splattered with bloodstains to lend to a truly spine-tingling atmosphere.

Players choose the number of coins to play. Coins have a value ranging from $0.01 to $0.25, and the cost ranges from 1 to 10 coins per spin making Zombieezee ideal for low, middle and high rollers alike who seek a frighteningly good time. With an RTP (Return to Player) of 94.68%, players stand to rake in some substantially big wins, and blood-curdling screams.

Dracula’s Castle

Favoured by Gambler’s Pick, Dracula’s Castle brings vampires to life with eerie, high-quality graphics within the context of the Dark Ages and Medieval horror. As players engage with this game the secrets and mysteries hidden deep within Dracula’s castle are revealed. Gothic gates, horrifying blue flames, and dark colours add to a frightening ambience that horror fans eat right up.

Dracula’s Castle utilizes five reels and plays lines with standard card values from 9 to Ace alongside main symbols that are unique to the game including sexy female vampires, and gravesites. Also, Dracula himself is featured as a wild symbol.

One of the most attractive components of this game is its gamble feature where players can choose one of the many goblets held by a stunning female vampire. Here, people can double or lose their latest prize.

Released by Wazdan back in 2017, Dracula’s Castle is a fan favourite for its stunning graphics, appealing lady vampires, and its RTP of 96.56% thus boasting some great chances for some solid wins and ghoulish entertainment.

Plants VS. Zombies

Plants VS. Zombies is to slot gaming what Pac Man is to arcade games: a classic, popular, and much-loved fan favourite.

Created by Blueprint Gaming, Plants VS. Zombies displays impressive graphics and some rather unique specialty rounds. The game takes place in a suburban home’s backyard with five reels and three rows. Reel icons include the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 options mixed in with frightening depictions of menacing-looking plants. Also, wild icons are depicted by gruesome zombies.

Five wilds reward players up to 20,000 coins as a payout and the Wild Gargantuar can appear during any spin that turns all reels wild. The frightening fun continues when players spin three plant bonuses that unleash one of four bonus rounds. With an RTP of 94.68%, players stand to bank some big wins within the theme of a zombie fright fest.


Developed by Netent, Zombies are considered to be one of the best horror slot games brought to fans by what is arguably the best developer of the day. The game offers players a grizzly set of reels that display the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 icons. Not scary enough? These classic icons are accompanied by more sinister icons that include a brain, an eyeball, a gas mask, a circular saw, a spiked mace and an axe.

The game increases the semblance of horror by playing a creepy soundtrack thus enhancing the fright factor.

Wild cards appear on reels one, two, four and five with a stacked wild in reel three in the form of a grotesque zombie.

The game’s horrific theme continues to run through how wilds substitute for other icons: the only wilds that can’t be substituted are Scatters, and these are represented by canisters of toxic liquid. When three of these surfaces, five free spins are activated with increasing multipliers.

With a generous RTP of 97.20%, horror slot gamers are instantly drawn to this visually stunning game and the possibility of reeling in some big wins.

Try Your Luck

You may awake from your sleep due to gut-wrenching nightmares, but as any true horror gaming fan will tell you, that’s all part of the fun. Explore these and other horror slot games, and emerge from the terror-filled sojourn as a savvy survivor and winner of a handsome payout!